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Real advice for real students.

We offer personal consultations with Susan Wise Bauer PhD, co-author of the Well-Trained Mind, and Julia Kaziewicz Collier PhD, Dean of the Well-Trained Mind Academy. Both Susan and Julia are professional educators with extensive college teaching experience who can help you chart the right path for your student. They have access to a wide network of professionals in K-12 classrooms, home schooling, and higher education. Susan and Julia will work with their team to provide you with the best plan possible.  

An initial hour-long consultation with Dr. Bauer and Dr. Collier is $150. This consultation will explore educational history and family dynamics, and will conclude with initial curricular suggestions. After this conversation, you can work with the team to customize a plan for you and your student. Pricing for follow-up meetings will vary based on the needs of you and your student.

Additional services include:

  • General Consultation with Julia Collier - $100

  • Academic Plan Review with Julia Collier (Written Feedback Only) - $50

  • Academic Plan Review and Consultation with Julia Collier (Written Feedback + One-Hour Meeting) - $150

  • Academic Plan Review and Consultation with Julia Collier and Susan Wise Bauer (Written Feedback + One-Hour Meeting) - $250

To schedule a service, email julia@welltrainedmind.com, or fill out the form below.


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